Best Opera books                                     


Opera 101: A Complete Guide to Learning...
by Fred Plotkin. Foreword by Plácido Domingo

An excellent book for those new to Opera. It is a true guide to learn and love Opera. The book contains a brief history of Opera, plus a chapter to understand the basic elements of Opera. Even there is a chapter that guides you through the experience of going to the Opera house for the first time. Then the rest of the book is a guide to learn opera through listening to a selection of great operas: Rigoletto, Tosca, Lucia..

An absolute recommendation for those who are starting at knowing Opera. It is THE book. Very easy to read and written in a familiar tone, this book will become a best friend in your journey to loving Opera.



The Rough Guide to Opera
by Matthew Boyden

A unique handbook on Opera. A comprehensive work that includes: biographical sketches of 150 composers, from Monteverdi to Ruders; synopsis and essays on hundreds of operas; reviews of CDs covering the latest digital releases, as well as historical recordings; and a who is who of the finest singers and conductors, as Caruso, Toscanini or Barenboim.



The Complete Operas of Verdi (The Complete Opera Series)

by Charles Osborne


Recognized as the standard work on the subject, this book discusses in detail all the Verdi's operas. Charlas Osborne explores each opera from four points of view: Verdi's life at the time, the story, the  relationships with librettist and publishers, and a thorough musical analysis.

A blend of biography and critical guide, invaluable to both specialist and opera -goer alike.



The Complete Operas of Mozart (The Complete Operas Series) 

by Charles Osborne

With a similar model to that of The Complete Operas of Verdi', Charles Osborne analyzes Mozart's  22 operas.



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