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Opera Magazines

Opera Magazine

The Opera Critic


OperaOpera Interesting articles on Opera by Paolo Del Lungo (English & Italian)


MP3-Midi Files

Karadar Big section for MP3 & another for Midi

The Classical Music Archives

Midiworld- Classical Music

The Classical Midi Resource

Classical Midi with Words


Opera MP3.com


Ficheros de Música Clásica - R. Pajares Box

Freeware Software

Winamp.com One of the best players for MP3, Midi, wav Opera files

LyricsAMP. Winamp Component A freeware component of  WINAMP so that you can read lyrics while listening to music with WINAMP

Kazaa Media Desktop One of the most populars peer-to-peer  software to exchange your MP3 files and more

Emule-Project.net Another popular software for exchanging files



Amadeus Press publishes a full line of books on classical music and opera




Web Operamania


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